[clug] postfix with smarthost using TLS/Authentication

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Thu Feb 2 07:56:21 GMT 2006

David Collett wrote:

> Sure, but as I understand it, this *is* the normal way to configure an
> MUA such as mutt which does not have SMTP built-in. If anyone knows of
> another, simpler MTA for mutt to use to send mail, be sure to let me
> know.

There are much simpler "MTA"s which _only_ send mail to a smarthost,
like ssmtp, that make this straightforward to configure.  This has the
disadvantage that you don't get any kind of queueing - if you regularly
'send' mail when offline, this might not be ideal.

It is certainly possible to convince postfix to speak TLS as a client,
though, since I know people who use precisely that set-up on their
laptops.  (I send mail ssh'ed into a machine at home so don't have to
worry about smarthosts.)


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