[clug] postfix with smarthost using TLS/Authentication

David Collett davec at internode.on.net
Thu Feb 2 07:46:14 GMT 2006

On Thu, Feb 02, 2006 at 08:28:33AM +1100, Andrew Goodall wrote:
> Hi David
> I've never tried to configure Postfix with authentication between  
> MTAs in the way you describe, although I've had success with Postfix  
> for TLS between MTAs and TLS/SSL plus authentication for users.
> With all due respect, the point of Internode providing an encrypted,  
> authenticated SMTP service to users available from any source network  
> is so that its as simple as configuring your MUA and there's no  
> requirement for running a dedicated MTA on your laptop.

Sure, but as I understand it, this *is* the normal way to configure an
MUA such as mutt which does not have SMTP built-in. If anyone knows of
another, simpler MTA for mutt to use to send mail, be sure to let me

Further research suggests that TLS/Auth to smarthost may be new in
postfix 2.3 which I havent tried yet. Looks like exim may also work.
Does anyone else use a setup like this?


> On 01/02/2006, at 22.56 , David Collett wrote:
> Hi all,
> I use postfix on my ubuntu laptop to send mail to a
> smarthost/relayhost. The relayhost is my ISP's SMTP server.
> Mail is collected from the ISP pops server using fetchmail,
> and mutt is my MUA. This is a nice setup which I've been using
> for a while.
> I recently changed ISP's to internode and noticed that they have a
> secure SMTP server (securemail.internode.on.net) which uses "SSL and
> authentication". This allows you to connect to it securely, and from
> anywhere (think wireless hotspots, hotels etc).
> Does anyone know how to setup postfix to talk to this server? I have
> tried a few things based on the postfix TLS and SASL documentation
> without success. My postfix just connects (3way handshake) then sits
> there doing nothing till it times out. I assume that what the internode
> server does (smtps, port 465) is not the same as the full TLS stuff
> described in the postfix doco.
> I tried evolution with "Server requires authentication" and "Use Secure
> Connection" and that works fine, but I want my postfix!!
> Any ideas?
> Dave
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