[clug] postfix with smarthost using TLS/Authentication

Andrew Goodall andrew at fumpet.net
Wed Feb 1 21:28:33 GMT 2006

Hi David

I've never tried to configure Postfix with authentication between  
MTAs in the way you describe, although I've had success with Postfix  
for TLS between MTAs and TLS/SSL plus authentication for users.

With all due respect, the point of Internode providing an encrypted,  
authenticated SMTP service to users available from any source network  
is so that its as simple as configuring your MUA and there's no  
requirement for running a dedicated MTA on your laptop.


On 01/02/2006, at 22.56 , David Collett wrote:

Hi all,
I use postfix on my ubuntu laptop to send mail to a
smarthost/relayhost. The relayhost is my ISP's SMTP server.
Mail is collected from the ISP pops server using fetchmail,
and mutt is my MUA. This is a nice setup which I've been using
for a while.

I recently changed ISP's to internode and noticed that they have a
secure SMTP server (securemail.internode.on.net) which uses "SSL and
authentication". This allows you to connect to it securely, and from
anywhere (think wireless hotspots, hotels etc).

Does anyone know how to setup postfix to talk to this server? I have
tried a few things based on the postfix TLS and SASL documentation
without success. My postfix just connects (3way handshake) then sits
there doing nothing till it times out. I assume that what the internode
server does (smtps, port 465) is not the same as the full TLS stuff
described in the postfix doco.

I tried evolution with "Server requires authentication" and "Use Secure
Connection" and that works fine, but I want my postfix!!

Any ideas?

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