[clug] Slightly OT: disk/psu issue

Nathan Rickerby nathan.rickerby at gmail.com
Thu Dec 21 13:57:36 GMT 2006

Thanks for the advice guys.  While I appreciate the suggestions
that involve a soldering iron, they're not likely to be happen.  I
don't own a soldering iron and I think that's probably a good
indication of how well I could use one.

I've sanded all the contact surfaces and had a look under the PCB.
The solder connection looks okay.  It's also not yet getting nearly
as hot as it was.  I'll start leaving it on again now and stop
worrying that it's about to combust.

If the problem continues I'll replace the case and psu.  At least
now I've got a fair idea that it was just the connector causing the
problem and the same thing isn't just going to happen to the next
case when I put all the original parts in it.

Thanks, Nathan

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