[clug] G'day from a newbie

Steve Walsh Steve at nerdvana.org.au
Tue Dec 19 05:50:53 GMT 2006

A while ago (~18 months) CIT advertised for a Linux admin to be based at Reid. 
The Position Description read along the lines of "We've heard about this linux 
thing, and it sounds really cool. Oh, and your job is to fix everything the 
Window's guys can't".

Part of Brand Penetration is to get people understanding what your product does, 
and why it does it better than the competition.

adam wrote:
> As part of the unITy.edu project InTACT took over the staff which 
> support and maintain CIT's IT and the staff which support the Department 
> of Education's IT. The groups are still separated but operate under 
> InTACT's banner. CIT runs a few Linux web servers, a squid-cache, a 
> handful of SLES10 eDirectory machines and a RH Linux cluster running 
> Oracle 10g RAC. These servers are maintained by InTACT staff embedded in 
> CIT. Plus each of the public schools run a squid-cache server last time 
> I checked and they are maintained by the DET sub group of InTACT.
> It's a start.

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