[clug] G'day from a newbie

adam adam at alphacomplex.org
Tue Dec 19 05:10:18 GMT 2006

Mike Carden wrote:
> Anyway, enough of that. I'm sure we're all keen to see how you go
> getting InTACT to roll out Linux to servers and desktops across ACT
> govt agencies.  :-)
InTACT does have a Unix team with supports a few RedHat boxes. Mostly 
mail gateways and proxy servers I believe.

As part of the unITy.edu project InTACT took over the staff which 
support and maintain CIT's IT and the staff which support the Department 
of Education's IT. The groups are still separated but operate under 
InTACT's banner. CIT runs a few Linux web servers, a squid-cache, a 
handful of SLES10 eDirectory machines and a RH Linux cluster running 
Oracle 10g RAC. These servers are maintained by InTACT staff embedded in 
CIT. Plus each of the public schools run a squid-cache server last time 
I checked and they are maintained by the DET sub group of InTACT.

It's a start.

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