[clug] G'day from a newbie

Pilcher, Fred Fred.Pilcher at act.gov.au
Tue Dec 19 21:42:05 GMT 2006

> Welcome to CLUG Fred.
> Looks like your Canon printer is supported under Linux by the ~US$40
> Turboprint software if you choose to go that way. At least according
> to a quick web search it is.
> Otherwise you might consider one of the increasing number of
> virtualisation options (e.g. VMware) to keep a 'spare' Windows
> instance around for things like this.
> I tend to approach the purchase of things like printers from the other
> end. I ask "Will it work under Linux?" and preferably "Are there any
> FOSS drivers for it?" before I buy. I can understand your frustration
> though, having a printer you love and not being able to use it.
> Anyway, enough of that. I'm sure we're all keen to see how you go
> getting InTACT to roll out Linux to servers and desktops across ACT
> govt agencies.  :-)

:-) Thanks Mike.

I spotted the Turboprint drivers and it looks as if I may ultimately have to go with those. What irks me is that there are Japanese Linux drivers for the printer and Canon's just too lazy or unconcerned to translate them. I bought the printer before I saw the light, but now every purchase I make is conditional on Linux support. I'm thinking of getting a new laptop. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Re the Linux rollout, it's interesting to see that there's an increasing number of Linux-aware people coming into InTACT, so you never know what may happen.

Thanks again.

Antti said:

> I'm looking at getting an Epson colour printer as they seem to have really
> good OSS support and reasonably priced inks. I have a Canon scanner that doesn't
> even work properly under MaxOS X, but my Canon camera works just fine.

Yeah, my Fuji camera works fine too. BTW, I tried to send an e-mail to Canon lamenting that, while I love their printers, their lack of Linux support means that my next printer won't be a Canon. On all the sites there was only one e-mail address and it bounced, saying "no such address".

Leo said:

> Someone reckons they have the i965 working with the BJC8200 drivers....

> Read this:-

> http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-17318.html

> Thoug I am not sure how to translate the required packages to SLED as
> I'm an FC user....

Woot! Thanks Leo - I'll definitely check that out and get back to the list with news of success or failure.

Thanks again for your warm welcome, all. :-)

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