[clug] transcoding MythTV files to divx or DVD size

Tim Potter tpot at samba.org
Tue Dec 12 23:08:30 GMT 2006

On Wed, 2006-12-13 at 09:34 +1100, Leo Kliger wrote:

> > If you can get java installed and working, and if you can get ProjectX
> > installed and working.  I tried and failed.
> I don't recall it being that involved... Though I haven't installed it
> on my current system as I haven't required it since rebuilding my FC4
> system with FC5....
> Did you seek any help / advice? 
> How far did you get?

I could have been hampered by trying to do it with Debian on AMD64 and
didn't spend more than a couple of hours on it.  I've become a bit less
tolerant of stuff that doesn't take more than a small amount of fiddling
to get working lately.  If it doesn't come with Debian then it's not
worth installing.  (-:

> >   Really, the quality of the
> > free tools for MPEG editing is very low.  Once you have used the TMPGEnc
> > Windows programs there really is no going back.  I even ended up forking
> > over money for a full registered version.
> I have to agree that open source utilities do tend to lack a little in
> this regard... but I have been able to use win32 programs with wine
> wherever required...

Wine didn't work so well for me, at least with TMPGEnc.  I think it was
using some weird part of the video API for MPEG playback that wasn't
properly implemented.  Anyway I've gotten used to the stigma and taunts
from my wife from running Windows for video editing now.


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