[clug] wireless PXE boot and pxe live

Robert Edwards bob at cs.anu.edu.au
Mon Aug 21 01:16:41 GMT 2006

Hi Chris,

Out of curiosity, what wireless card do you have with a PXE ROM on it?

I can imagine that it is possible if the card has a PXE ROM, but I can
also see lots of reasons as to why it would be quite inadvisable - at
the point of booting, the machine has almost no way of identifying who
it is really getting the boot image from. Anyone could set up a wireless
AP with a PXE server and then your client could install their image.
Could be a great way to install malware, perform man-in-the-middle
attacks or any other similar sorts of "fun".


Bob Edwards.

Chris wrote:
> Hi all,
> Is it possible to boot from an image remotely using PXE boot but through a
> wireless link? I was under the impression that wireless didn't have
> multicast which is used by DHCP? 
> Also is it possible to boot a Live CD through PXE? I fiddled around with
> netinstall files and got as far as to boot a Live Ubuntu CD kernel half way
> through, then it waited for root file system. I changed the setting to all
> sorts but to no avail. I think this might be possible, does anyone have
> better experience with it?
> Thanks
> Chris

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