[clug] wireless PXE boot and pxe live

adam adam at alphacomplex.org
Sun Aug 20 21:40:48 GMT 2006

Chris wrote:
> Is it possible to boot from an image remotely using PXE boot but through a
> wireless link? I was under the impression that wireless didn't have
> multicast which is used by DHCP? 
All of the SOHO router/NAT devices they sell at Harvey, Dick Smith, 
Harris Tech. ect can lease IPs to wireless clients. My IPcop 
firewall/router/NAT server uses DHCP3-server to lease IPs to wireless 
clients. I haven't tried PXE booting a wireless client but AFAIK it's 
possible, you'll just need to find a wireless NIC that supports PXE. Or 
you could build a boot cd/floppy with a pxe enabled GRUB.
> Also is it possible to boot a Live CD through PXE? I fiddled around with
> netinstall files and got as far as to boot a Live Ubuntu CD kernel half way
> through, then it waited for root file system. I changed the setting to all
> sorts but to no avail. I think this might be possible, does anyone have
> better experience with it?
Knoppix allows you to runup the livecd and setup a LTSP environment from 
within the desktop. I'd have a look at the pxelinux config file that 
Knoppix creates to get some pointers. You may be able to set the rootfs 
to be a NFS mount but that option needs to be compiled into the kernel. 
Appending "root=/dev/nfs nfsroot=" to the 
pxelinux prompt should set the root filesystem to be on the NFS server Alternatively you could include it in the pxelinux config 
file on the APPEND line for the kernel you are booting.


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