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Michael Cohen michael.cohen at netspeed.com.au
Sun Aug 13 12:26:16 GMT 2006

You still cant beat xemacs (well gnu emacs comes close <duck>).

Available for windows, linux, mac osx, vax and pretty much anything else out
there. I mostly use linux and windows, and for linux you just apt-get install
it, for windows it comes as part of cygwin (i normally install cygwin on all
windows boxes because it feels more like home :-). I think the windows version
can also run native (i.e. with win xp window decoration, no need for X), but I
usually install wmaker on windoze to feel even more like home and have a sane
window manager with workspaces.

Supports almost all languages I know of. SQL syntax highlighting is pretty
good. And has command/keyword completion. Also does source navigation using
etags, object/class visualization using oobrowser and much more. I dont
personally go to the extreme of running the emacs email client/web
browser/calendar, i think thats going a bit overboard. Also does spell checking
inline (i.e. underline incorrect words/offer suggestions on right click etc) so
I just use it instead of a word processor because the keyword completion makes
it faster to type in. Another nice feature is being able to split the same file
into 2 or more views, although thats quite common nowadays.

Learing curve is also gentler than vim, although I use vim interchangably too.
(Vim is also very very good and does pretty much all the things you want - and
is available for windows too). Probably best doing the tutorial with both vim
and emacs, and Bobs your uncle in about 20 minutes.

PS: While we are on developer ides i really dislike ides with lots of little
windows, toolbars and menus everywhere like for example visual studio. These
really waste screen real estate on stuff thats not directly relevant to your
code - the job of an editor is to display as much of your code that could
physically fit on the screen. At work I have one of those really cool 24" dell
tft screens, connected to an nvidia card. I use xrandr to rotate the screen so
instead of having more width and less height (which is useless for coding) I
have about 80 lines on the screen at once with an 18 point font. Since everyone
knows that code must never take more than 80 columns wide, having a wide screen
is pointless. Its better to have a tall screen with the same width. I remove
the toolbar and menus from xemacs to get a couple of extra lines too.


On Fri, Aug 11, 2006 at 10:29:20AM +1000, Rousak, Boris wrote:
> Greets to all!!
> What do people use for developing code? Specifically I am after a tool
> that can do: 
> *syntax highlighting and checking
> *code completion
> *easy plug-ins for all possible languages or at least support for:
> c/c++, perl, python, java, php
> *some sort of SQL syntax corrector for Oracle (preferably with pl/sql),
> MySQL, PostgreSQL
> *easy portability (I want to be able to put it onto a thumb-drive and
> carry it around - so not too much installation)
> And for bonus points:
> It would be nice if I could use it cross platform: obviously not just
> straight across, but something that is easily recompilable (ie compile
> once an carry around for a while)
> Basically I am looking for the last development tool I will ever need :)
> Thanks to all in advance :)
> Cheers,
> Boris
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