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Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Sun Aug 13 12:31:40 GMT 2006

Michael Cohen wrote:
> PS: While we are on developer ides i really dislike ides with lots of little
> windows, toolbars and menus everywhere like for example visual studio. These
> really waste screen real estate on stuff thats not directly relevant to your
> code - the job of an editor is to display as much of your code that could
> physically fit on the screen. At work I have one of those really cool 24" dell
> tft screens, connected to an nvidia card. I use xrandr to rotate the screen so
> instead of having more width and less height (which is useless for coding) I
> have about 80 lines on the screen at once with an 18 point font. Since everyone
> knows that code must never take more than 80 columns wide, having a wide screen
> is pointless. Its better to have a tall screen with the same width. I remove
> the toolbar and menus from xemacs to get a couple of extra lines too.

Vertically splitting the screen is a handy way to take advantage of a
wider screen (C-x 3 in emacs or :vsplit in vim).  Quite often you want
to have more than one file open at once, e.g. source code and a header
file.  In emacs, you can also use `M-x follow-mode` to take advantage of
a split screen to display twice as many lines of a single file.

Cameron (vim/emacs weenie)

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