[clug] development tool [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

David Tulloh david at tulloh.id.au
Fri Aug 11 09:21:03 GMT 2006

Arafangion wrote:
> Pietro Abate wrote:
>> I think eclipse can do everything you require, but it won't certainly
>> fit on your thumb drive ... I personally don't like/use it.
>> You can also have a look at emacs or vim7 with the appropriate plug-ins
>> for code competition (that is a pain after a while and slow you down,
>> imho)...   
> That certainly depends on how big the thumb drive is!
> (It fits on mine)
> I currently use vim, but I am of the mentality that "the OS provides the
> IDE", and I personally find it very unsuitable for windows development,
> though it's terrific on Linux and other OS's (Primarily because those
> OS's provide far more and more useful command line tools)

I'll throw a 'me too' in for vim.  Though I will warn you that the
learning curve is rather steep early on as it doesn't behave like most
other text editors.

It will do your syntax highlighting and provides some level of support
for every language under the sun.  It does do SQL syntax highlighting
which I find helpful in catching basic syntax errors, I'm not sure what
support it has for specific DB quirks though.
Vim is also portable and will fit on that thumbdrive.

As others have said though, it's not your classic IDE.  You get hooks
for compilers like gcc and can jump directly to errors.  You also don't
get code completion but I'm one of those people who hate having it.

`I` consider vim the last editor I'll every need, but then everyone's
view is different.


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