[clug] Automatic apt/yum mirror configuration...

adam adam at alphacomplex.org
Mon Aug 7 08:28:05 GMT 2006

Paul Wayper wrote:

>Basically, the core idea is a website that contains configuration files
>for various apt and yum repositories, located to an IP address range. 
>So, for instance, there might be a configuration file for people at ANU
>that would prefer AARNET mirrors, and a configuration file specific to
>Internode that puts the repositories that Internode mirrors first and
>then lists other Australian and finally international mirrors.
Could be useful to include mirros that are on a peering network with the 
user's ISP because the links are usually pretty fast and often the 
traffic isn't counted towards usage quotas. Ideally you sould be able to 
say 'On yyyy-mm-dd this mirrror did not count against download quotas on 
your ISP, check your TOS for details.' or something to that effect.

If you ask the user to select the distro, arch and release you could 
generate an ordered (by priority) list of mirrors. Then next to each 
mirror give checkboxes for componants. This would allow the user to 
customise the selections rather than just giving them a 'one size fits' 
all config.

Distro: Debian,
Arch: i386
Release: sarge (sarge/updates)

1. ftp://mirror.vel.net.au/debian [ ] main [ ] contrib [ ] non-free
2. http://mirror.aarnet..edu.au/debian [ ] main [ ] contrib [ ] non-free
3. http://security.debian.org [x] main
4. http://www.debian-multimedia.org [ ] main

Security update repositories should be enabled by default.

Best of luck to you, sounds like a nifty tool.


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