[clug] Automatic apt/yum mirror configuration...

Basil Chupin blchupin at tpg.com.au
Mon Aug 7 08:42:39 GMT 2006

adam wrote:
> Paul Wayper wrote:
>> Basically, the core idea is a website that contains configuration files
>> for various apt and yum repositories, located to an IP address range. 
>> So, for instance, there might be a configuration file for people at ANU
>> that would prefer AARNET mirrors, and a configuration file specific to
>> Internode that puts the repositories that Internode mirrors first and
>> then lists other Australian and finally international mirrors.
> Could be useful to include mirros that are on a peering network with the 
> user's ISP because the links are usually pretty fast and often the 
> traffic isn't counted towards usage quotas. Ideally you sould be able to 
> say 'On yyyy-mm-dd this mirrror did not count against download quotas on 
> your ISP, check your TOS for details.' or something to that effect.
> If you ask the user to select the distro, arch and release you could 
> generate an ordered (by priority) list of mirrors. Then next to each 
> mirror give checkboxes for componants. This would allow the user to 
> customise the selections rather than just giving them a 'one size fits' 
> all config.
> Eg:.
> Distro: Debian,
> Arch: i386
> Release: sarge (sarge/updates)
> 1. ftp://mirror.vel.net.au/debian [ ] main [ ] contrib [ ] non-free
> 2. http://mirror.aarnet..edu.au/debian [ ] main [ ] contrib [ ] non-free
> 3. http://security.debian.org [x] main
> 4. http://www.debian-multimedia.org [ ] main
> Security update repositories should be enabled by default.
> Best of luck to you, sounds like a nifty tool.
> Adam.

Has anyone looked at smart package manager? At-


Seems to do most of what is being talked about here - I think :-) .


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