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  Here is a website of a person who gives detailed info regarding motherboards and bad capacitors.  He will also repair MB's. (USA and Canada only, though!)  

  If you have steady hands and can operate a soldering iron, you can order a kit and attempt a repair yourself!  



Paul Wayper <paul.wayper at anu.edu.au> wrote:

>On a slightly related thread, and more as a heads-up, note that there
>have been problems with cheap Taiwanese capacitors blowing up and frying
>motherboards.  The problem's due to the 'defection' of a scientist from
>a Japanese firm that made capacitors to its Taiwanese competitor - he
>took the formula for their electrolyte but didn't get all of it.  So the
>electrolyte in the capacitors leaks out and/or corrodes the can.  The
>two main signs are the top caps bulging outward, or electrolyte leaking
>out of the capacitor.  Many motherboard manufacturers, even reputable
>ones like Asus, have been affected, and most will admit there is a
>problem but aren't actually issuing recalls or anything.
>On a more related note, and also looking at the phoronics.com site that
>Rainer mentioned, I was thinking that what would be really nice would be
>a site that you just dump your 'lspci -v' and other diagnostic outputs
>into and it catalogues what's in your system and then asks you how the
>hardware is going for you.  It's too much hassle to try to take large
>outputs apart to catalogue them, and possibly inaccurate as well.
>Just another thing to add to my large list of 'things to put some time
>to in the future...'.
>Have fun,
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