[clug] FC5 Yum Problems continues

Graham Williamson gjwill at zcts.net
Sun Apr 30 13:58:02 GMT 2006

Use Ethereal and capture the traffic, especially the DNS requests
generated by yum.  I had some funny DNS resolution issues with an
Netcomm NB5 (borrowed from a friend).  After the device had been on for
x amount of time, all of a sudden the DNS answer being returned by the
router would all have an address of  I don't know what was
causing the problem, after power cycling the device it would be fine,
for a short time.  I'd get around it by manually specifying my ISP's DNS
servers in all of my computers network settings, thereby bypassing the
router.  Then all was fine. 

I have since given this modem back to my friend and purchased a Netgear
DG834G, and I've had no problems since.  All I can put it down to is an
issue with the firmware, but who knows.  So check out what ethereal
captures and maybe it might shed some light on the subject.  That's what
I always do when things start acting, funny....

Good luck.

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