finding the spammer (was Re: [clug] <your email address> I take that back)

Michael Still mikal at
Thu Apr 20 05:12:33 GMT 2006

Kim Holburn wrote:
> On 2006 Apr 20, at 2:37 PM, Michael Still wrote:
>> Kim Holburn wrote:
>>> Now they've been removed from the list I'll tell you:   
>>> trashmachine at
>> Ok, so I am confused. How do we know they're a spammer instead of  
>> just a moron?
> He had an automated system that replied each time I (or anyone else)  
> sent an email to the clug list with an email appearing to be a  response 
> from greylist system and asking me to click on a "special"  link to 
> verify I had in fact sent the email.  He has been subscribed  to the 
> clug list and some other lists for a few weeks.

Sure, I was just wondering if he perhaps had the worlds worst 
graylisting system or something.

> It looks like at the very least it harvests emails from people who  send 
> emails to the clug list and immediately bombards them with an  awful lot 
> of emails.  I know this because the sender of the emails I  sent is not 
> really a valid email and I have never used it before I  have been seeing 
> a dictionary attack on it on my mail server in the  last hour or 2.  
> Otherwise I probably wouldn't have noticed this in  the normal blizzard 
> of spam and anti-spam in my email system.

Now, that's interesting.


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