clug != clug (was Re: [clug] Unable to write to nfs mounted shares)

Steven Hanley sjh at
Wed Apr 19 05:30:33 GMT 2006

On Wed, Apr 19, 2006 at 03:24:59PM +1000, Stephen Rothwell wrote:
> I have not objections to moving the list - at least is
> currently in Australia :-) (no offense to the current hosts of the list
> who have done a stirling job).

And if we could get our heads around SuSE better it may even happen sooner
(though currently we still have no security updates to the SuSE image and
thus are wary of it), Tony, Bob and I will hopefully get the mailman thing
happeneing there shortly however fixing up the postnuke stuff so it
announces interesting stuff and letting Tony respond to software requests
for development work and some other things are a slightly higher priority.
tpot and the other admin people have been doing a great job so
there is no rush with the mailing list stuff.

At least in my world view.

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