[clug] X10 Home Automation + Linux

Matt Smith Matt at Coolchilli.com
Fri Sep 2 00:31:20 GMT 2005

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has had any experience with X10 home automation
style products, and their interaction with Linux?

I'm looking into some retro-fit units from www.eon3.com.au (see links
below), and they have a url which points to some free software for it's
control (http://heyu.tanj.com/heyu2/index.html).  The prices don't seem too
bad for the hardware; providing it works as documented, it seems like
something that would be fun and should in theory be quite easy to interact
with a PC + linux in a realtime situation.
If anyone can share their experience with either X10 (or similar) and linux,
or any good/bad feedback from eon3 it would be appreciated.

The products i'm looking at playing with:
Basic starter setup (PC interface, lamp and appliance module, cable, windoze
Bayonet light kit (bayonet light fitting, RF transceiver interface, remote

Thanks, and appreciate any feedback/experience people have to offer,


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