[clug] Rejected posting to CYBERIA-L@LISTSERV.AOL.COM

America Online, Inc. LISTSERV Server (14.4) LISTSERV at LISTSERV.AOL.COM
Thu Sep 1 18:36:16 GMT 2005

You  are  not  authorized  to  send  mail  to  the  CYBERIA-L  list  from  your
linux at LISTS.SAMBA.ORG account. You might be authorized to post to the list from
another of your accounts, or perhaps when using another mail program configured
to use a  different e-mail address, but  LISTSERV has no way  to associate this
other account or address with yours. If  you need assistance or if you have any
questions regarding the  policy of the CYBERIA-L list, please  contact the list
owners at CYBERIA-L-request at LISTSERV.AOL.COM.

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