[clug] Debian testing and sarge

Ambrose Andrews ambrose.andrews at anu.edu.au
Fri May 27 02:40:18 GMT 2005

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Kim Holburn wrote:
> I guess at some point in the near future sarge will become testing.   
> Now I've never lived through a change like this;-)  I was wondering  
> what actually happens?  Some of our servers now are testing.  Would  
> it be better to put sarge in /etc/apt/sources.list rather than  

That's what I'd do, in the immediate term.

All my sources.list s have 'sarge' in them rather than 'testing'

Some machines I'll want to keep running sarge/stable, others I'll be wanting
to keep running etch/testing.

But I'm certainly keen to *choose* the day I have to answer a hundred
questions and wade through a dozen config files, rather than have it chosen
for me by the debian regime.

After the champagne pops I'll get around to changing a few 'sarge' lines to


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