[clug] iPod oddness

clug at james.st clug at james.st
Wed May 25 13:27:47 GMT 2005

On 25/05/2005, at 8:23 PM, Michael Carden wrote:

> My 1 gig memory stick is an iPod shuffle. I'd like to use it to listen 
> to mp3
> files loaded from a Linux machine.
> I'm having trouble with it on my AMDK6/400 box under a 2.4.27 kernel.
> It seems to mount and work for a while,
>  but soon after I try to copy files to
> it, I get a;
> Filesystem panic (dev 08:01)

My 1 Gig shuffle mounts, reads and writes fine on Suse 9.3.
Konqueror even has an ipod:// protocol.

I can see the music and settings directories
  that macs and Windows don't show.

But the only way I know to unmount it is to type   umount /media/ipod
  as root.  Oh well.

Suse9.3 is proud of its iPod awareness...

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