[clug] CLUGers interested in creating a "Government LINUX"

Don Munro dmunro at adfa.edu.au
Tue May 3 03:54:46 GMT 2005

I have been approached by a couple of companies offering (NOT IT) services
to federal and local goverment who would like to have created an
"government open source desktop" configuration of LINUX. They wondered if
there were any CLUG members interested in configuring one of the distros to
do the sorts of things Government wants as a prototype? They would be happy
to sponsor some Pizzas and Pepsi for CLUG meetings, and to to give a
presentation on why they think such a prototype would encourage the uptake
of open source in Government. They would not "own" the prototype as the
whole idea is to create something that would be generally useful right out
of the box; and to give it away.

It would need someone/group to coordinate the effort, and a few members
interested in solving problems and tailoring and configuring different

I think it would be an interesting project, but I'm up to my ears in
projects for the next few months. Interested people should contact "Simon
Greig" <sgreig at phoenix.com.au> in the first instance.

cheers... Don.

Don Munro.                                     Phone : 02 6268 8053
Senior Lecturer                            
School of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering
University College of UNSW, UNSW at ADFA Provider CRICOS Code, 00100G
Australian Defence Force Academy
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