[clug] Debian Sarge or Ubuntu for a server?

Mick mickhowe at bigpond.net.au
Wed Jun 15 02:20:47 GMT 2005

On Wed, 15 Jun 2005 08:16, Ian Matters wrote:
> Hi all.
> I have been running a small Debian Woody based server for some time
> time (in fact a bunch of them) and am now considering my options for
> a software upgrade for the main server.  I think that my preference
> would be to move to Debian Sarge or to Ubuntu "Hoary Hedgehog" as I
> prefer the Debian way of doing things.
> What do others think about this?  Would I be better to stick with
> Debian and move from Woody to Sarge?  Or would I advised to use
> Ubuntu this time around?
My choice would be to point apt at the sarge repositories and allow it to 
update your existing setup rather than rebuilding the whole system(s) unless 
you have some compelling reason to re-invent the wheel but I've only been 
using sarge for a couple of months so I may be speaking through my 
fundamental orifice.

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