[clug] Software Freedom Day

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Tue Jun 7 01:33:34 GMT 2005

On 6 Jun 2005, at 21:30, Robin Shannon wrote:
> Anyway do ppl want to try and organise an
> installfest or something.

I am thinking about bringing along my pimped up WRT54G (complete with  
RS-232 port for dial-up Internet). No racing stripes, but it runs  
OpenWRT - a canned variety, since I can't get the development  
environment to work on my Mac OS X laptop. It's main purpose is to  
connect my home up to the Internet, but it serves admirably as a  
demonstration platform for Linux routing and firewalling. This might  
even be an opportunity to show people a cheap ($150) platform for  
experimenting with Linux as network infrastructure.

Does anyone have a server-type box with a SATA RAID enclosure? It  
might be nifty to have a demonstration of hot-swapping SATA drives  
over, showing that Linux is a serious server platform. I'm trying to  
get one such box working at my office, but the motherboard refuses to  
detect the primary master IDE drive...

I can also contribute my prodigious talent (*cough* *choke*) in  
organising tea and coffee... if someone can arrange a place and time.


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