[clug] Software Freedom Day

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Tue Jun 7 00:37:35 GMT 2005

On 6 Jun 2005, at 21:30, Robin Shannon wrote:

> Anyway do ppl want to try and organise an
> installfest or something.

On a sort-of related note, has anyone had experience with various CD  
label printing systems? I'm curious about the cost per use of these  
things, seeing as the Kodak EasyShare printer/dock weighs in at a  
hefty $0.80/print.

There's one at OfficeWorks (an Epson) which prints directly onto the  
CD. There are other systems which involve printing (laser or  
bubblejet) onto a paper label which is then applied to the CD (eg: CD  
Stomper device and associated Windows-only software).

I know some people will be happy with "Sarge Disk 1" handwritten with  
a permanent marker. If the cost isn't too high, I'm sure many people  
would be happier with a neatly printed label and jewel case (you  
know, so it can be Free without being *cheap* - in the other sense of  
the word). "Hey, boss! I just went to this Linux installfest, and got  
this professional-looking CD, and a bunch of people willing to  
provide consulting services if we take on Linux in the workplace!"   
versus "Hey, boss! I went to this hippie convention and got this free  

I'm starting to sound like a marketroid, aren't I?  Do you think I've  
spent too long in Canberra, or have I been overexposed to Microsoft?


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