[clug] Hoary old chestnut: Use of 'dump'

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Mon Jul 25 06:43:25 GMT 2005

On 25 Jul 2005, at 15:19, Stephen Jenkin wrote:

> I was talking to a mate about backups & when he said he used 'dump', I
> trotted out the "it's got a design flaw" line.

One could argue that rsync has a design flaw, since (as mentioned in  
the article about dump) it will set the atime of each file that is  
opened for reading. Besides, any tool that takes time to read files  
from a file system, while that file system is being modified, has  
either a design flaw or a paradigm flaw.

>    What about other popular filesystems, like reiserfs??

As mentioned in the article: use LVM, take a snapshot (meaning the  
file system you're will be coherent during the time from reading the  
first byte to the last), then dump or rsync that snapshot. I haven't  
done this myself though - but if (any of) you want to demonstrate the  
process at CLUG, I'll be there eagerly awaiting the meme transfer =)


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