[clug] Hoary old chestnut: Use of 'dump'

Martin Pool mbp at sourcefrog.net
Mon Jul 25 12:37:05 GMT 2005

On Mon, 2005-07-25 at 16:43 +1000, Alex Satrapa wrote:
> On 25 Jul 2005, at 15:19, Stephen Jenkin wrote:
> > I was talking to a mate about backups & when he said he used 'dump', I
> > trotted out the "it's got a design flaw" line.
> One could argue that rsync has a design flaw, since (as mentioned in  
> the article about dump) it will set the atime of each file that is  
> opened for reading. 

Not necessarily.  With a sufficiently recent rsync and kernel it can
preserve the atime on files you own (or all files, if root).


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