[clug] Re: Welcome to the "linux" mailing list (Digest mode)

Neil Pickford neilp at goldweb.com.au
Wed Jan 26 18:52:26 GMT 2005

Although I don't have Fredora Core 3, Just let the list know and someone 
will usually offer to make some CDs for you in exchange for blank CDs. 
Most exchanges happen at meetings.  So attending tonight might be a good 

Neil Pickford

Chris Pilkington wrote:
> Hi everyone.  
> I just joined the list, so I am not sure on the protocol for requests
> like this one, here goes.
> Without downloading 4x650MB iso images, how can I get Fedora Core 3? 
> By the time I spend 117 hours downloading it over dial up there will
> probably be a new version (remembering that is the minimum at full
> speed and I am not connected 24/7).  Is there a magazine that has
> Fedora on it?  Would someone like to swap a copy for some blank cds or
> dvds?  I can swap for Mandrake 9 (only 3 cds though) that is the most
> up to date operating system I can offer.
> Thank you for your time,
> Chris Pilkington
> chris.pilkington at gmail.com

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