[clug] [FOR SALE][FREE][LONG] Toys with Noone to play with them

Peter Barker pbarker at barker.dropbear.id.au
Fri Feb 18 11:03:00 GMT 2005


	I've managed to inherit stuff which I don't have time to play
with, and am unlikely to find time play with. There might be a follow-up
post as I inventory stuff....

	10 Bull Netstations. These will run Linux. A beowulf will be
marginally faster than your wristwatch.

	2 Mac-Pluses (may run Linux 68K...)
	1 Max SE
	2 x 15" monitors. Good enough for "console" work.
	1 x 17" monitor. Good enough for "console" work.
	1 x DEC Alpha + monitor. Worked last it was turned on, will
apparently run NetBSD?

	All free to good home. Actually, all free to any home whatsoever.

And now.

	Rockwell AIM 65 "Advanced Interactive Microcomputer"

	I kid you not.

	Yours if you want to pick it up. Given to me saying it did work...
but chances are that was third hand.

	This thing is really quite cool/interesting. Some of the

6502 CPU.
Slide-switch on the motherboard labelled "Run/Step"
Slide-switch on the motherboard labelled "KB/TTY"
In-built LED display (16x1x1 resolution! In a choice of bright red, I'd
In-built dot-matrix printer. Bolted to the motherboard.
"Application" and "Expansion Ports" on the back. The scary thing is that
they are being /used/; there are random extra boards tucked in away
underneath the motherboard which weren't designed into the unit...
There's a label on the side "CSIRO Div. of Entomology".
Chip in socket on motherboard labelled 'Modified "Light"'. I have no idea.
Toggle switch labelled "Battery". Doesn't look like it was there
Forth ROMs
Assorted other bits of documentation....

Any takers? I'm sure it will run linux if you work at it..... to start,
replace entire unit with Athlon-64.... Getting Linux into the 8k-ish
on-board memory could be difficult.


OK. The above was going to include various paper manuals. Then I
discovered another thing to look at was another R6500. THIS one I powered
up and discovered it still works, and has a working FORTH ROM. So I guess
I'll play further. The reason the second one interested me was that it
seems to have been designed as a portable unit.....

Help! I need my garage back!

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