[clug] mail problem on bigpond

James Ring sjr at jdns.org
Sun Aug 14 23:40:23 GMT 2005

Hi Eyal,

> As of last week I noticed that my mail is always deferred with
> 'no route to host'. This is the case for all addressees (I
> checked four completely different addresses).
> The error always lists the last MX address (highest priority)
> which suggests that the primary one(s) failed too.
> A traceroute to any of the MX addresses surely shows a failure
> to reach. The strange this is that if I relay the mail through
> my ISP (mail-hub.bigpond.net.au) it is all delivered promptly.
> Does anyone have an idea what is going on? Did telstra start
> interfering with my mail delivery recently?

I think they did. I've had a similar problem at a couple of client's
sites, and I've found that the only solution is to use the mail-hub host
you mentioned as an outgoing smarthost. :(

> And while I am talking, anyone knows how to enter a wildcard rule
> into 'mailertable' that will route all mail to a relay? I have
> rules like this (tip often refuses mail from bigpond users):
> 	pcug.org.au smtp:mail-hub.bigpond.net.au
> The default is to deliver directly. I want to now put a rule for
> everything to be relayed in the same way until I sort this out.

I'm not sure what this mailertable is, but this is a snippet of my Exim4
config that might help.. ;)

  driver = manualroute
  domains = ! +local_domains
  route_list = * mail-hub.bigpond.net.au byname


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