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Mon Aug 8 04:11:32 GMT 2005

G'day Nic,

I've had mythtv up and running for a year or so now - it's a great
system, even if it does require the odd tweak to keep it up & running
happily (My wife tends to cringe whenever I gleefully announce that
it's upgrade time, for some reason.. I wonder why? ;). A very good
alternative to the tivo option, if you already have some spare
hardware available, want some particular features that the tivo
doesn't provide for some reason, or are not spectacularly handy with a
soldering iron (me).

Hardware is basically:
* Shuttle mini-pc athlon-based box
* Hauppauge PVR-350 receiver + IR / remote
* NVidia-based tv-out card

I have all the frequencies configured for analog free-to-air TV in the
Tuggeranong broadcast region, but can probably provide a few tips on
other areas also. Drop me an email off-list, and we can go into the
details. I've also hacked together my own grabber that seems to work
reasonably well.

For the moment though, I'd recommend:
* Using the instructions found at http://wilsonet.com/mythtv/ as a
basis for building your box. Since you're already on FC3, you won't
have to reinstall the OS or anything.
* Installing phpMyAdmin. There are a few places where we need to get
into the database, and phpMyAdmin makes things simpler



On 8/8/05, Nicolas Cherbuin <n.cherbuin at anu.edu.au> wrote:
> Hello,
> I have been trying to setup a PVR with MythTV for sometime but have
> encountered a number of hardware and software problems. I have searched
> all the relevant howtos and mailing lists but I still have some very
> frustrating issues.
> I was wondering whether some clugers were using mythtv, since some of my
> difficulties are specific to Australian conditions, and would be willing
> to help.
> In short, I am using fedora 3, I have my tuner (pvr 250) recognised,
> have the lirc module loading ok, and can start the back and frontend and
> watch the video signal coming from the external input.
> My problems:
> - lirc dies when I use irw (I have found solutions on the net relating
> to this problem but they have not worked for me)
> - I don't seem to be able to tell mythtv where to find the Australian
> channels and the scanning button is not enabled
> - I have tried to use tv_grab_au_tuhs (I have registered) but I did not
> succeed in installing the script correctly (I am in the process of
> contacting its mailing list)
> - I am an interested linux user but not very at ease at the deep end of
> the pool
> Thanks
> Nic
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