[clug] mythtv

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Mon Aug 8 05:00:57 GMT 2005

Hi Nic,

I thought I'd also chime in; I've been using MythTV since
about early February 2005, on Fedora Core 4 using two
digital TV cards.  I should update the information at
http://www.mabula.net/mythtv, but it's all relatively

> My problems:
> - lirc dies when I use irw (I have found solutions on the
> net relating  to this problem but they have not worked for
> me)

If you get this working, let me know - I haven't got IR
working yet.

> - I don't seem to be able to tell mythtv where to find
> the Australian  channels and the scanning button is not
> enabled

Is this a digital TV card?  I've got two digital cards
working, but had no luck with the old Analogue.

> - I have tried to use tv_grab_au_tuhs (I have
> registered) but I did not  succeed in installing the
> script correctly (I am in the process of  contacting its
> mailing list)

Recently there's been a problem with one data source we
shan't mention, for which I run a Subversion server for
(http://tangram.dnsalias.net:8008/tv_grab_au or 'svn co
svn://tangram.dnsalias.net/tv_grab_au_0.7').  Naturally,
some minor change in the source has adgered the whole
scraping process.  There are people on the mythtv-users list
trying to get it working again - hopefully my post there
will get them to check in updates and/or let me know what
they changed.  But I don't hold my breath.

So I've recently gone to the tv_grab_au_tuhs grabber.  There
are two major things you need to do:

Firstly, in the config file, in each line of the TV channel
definition you need to add text like: *'local':
'freesd.Canberra.2.d1.com.au'* (everything between, but not
including, the stars).  This is the XMLTV ID of the program,
and is what the mythfilldatabase program (I think) uses to
connect the 'ABC-ACT' listing with the ABC channel
definition in the MythTV database.  Change as appropriate.

Secondly, I needed to set force_explicit_timezone to True in
the tv_grab_au_tuhs script, as it had everything recording
ten hours earlier than it should have been.  That may just
be a peculiarity with my system, which has come from using
the other tv grabber.

> - I am an interested linux user but not very
> at ease at the deep end of  the pool


Hope this helps,


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