[clug] mythtv

Nicolas Cherbuin n.cherbuin at anu.edu.au
Mon Aug 8 01:40:06 GMT 2005


I have been trying to setup a PVR with MythTV for sometime but have 
encountered a number of hardware and software problems. I have searched 
all the relevant howtos and mailing lists but I still have some very 
frustrating issues.

I was wondering whether some clugers were using mythtv, since some of my 
difficulties are specific to Australian conditions, and would be willing 
to help.

In short, I am using fedora 3, I have my tuner (pvr 250) recognised, 
have the lirc module loading ok, and can start the back and frontend and 
watch the video signal coming from the external input.

My problems:
- lirc dies when I use irw (I have found solutions on the net relating 
to this problem but they have not worked for me)
- I don't seem to be able to tell mythtv where to find the Australian 
channels and the scanning button is not enabled
- I have tried to use tv_grab_au_tuhs (I have registered) but I did not 
succeed in installing the script correctly (I am in the process of 
contacting its mailing list)
- I am an interested linux user but not very at ease at the deep end of 
the pool




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