TV card remote [Re: [clug] Please recommend a TV Card for Linux]

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Thu Apr 7 01:17:24 GMT 2005

You want LIRC (


Bob Edwards.

Joel Plane wrote:
> Thankyou all for your recommendations. My patients ended up getting the 
> better of me and I bought the WinFast TV2000.
> cx88 chipset.
> It came with a remote control. I assumed the remote control would be 
> mainly software driven, and it is. Is there any GNU software that is 
> likely able to read the remote? Would there be a new device in /dev that 
> I could fiddle around with in an attempt to write my own remote control 
> handler program? Or would the remote control signal be sent thru 
> /dev/video0?
> As I've said many time before, I'm a newbie (at least compared to the 
> rest of the list). And as such, I realise that I take a lot more from 
> this list than I'm ever likely to give - so I just want to say thanks. 
> So, thanks :)
> Cheers.
> Joel Plane wrote:
>> Can anyone recommend a cheap TV card with some degree of Linux support?
>> Two that I was looking at are:
>> *LEADTEK WinFast TV2000 XP Expert
>> **TV Excel TV Tuner *TV401U+RC
>> Neither of these have Linux 'support' as such, but can anyone tell me 
>> that they work on Linux to whatever degree?
>> Thanks.
>> Am I meant to put some sort of tag in the subject for this type of post?

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