[clug] Screen command and hardcopy

Leigh Makewell leigh at eon.com.au
Thu Apr 7 05:18:09 GMT 2005

Hi Guys.

Got a bit of a strange problem here.

I'm using screen to run some game servers. A normal game server is 
started with this sort of screen command:

screen -c /home/.screenrc -m -d -S testserver ./etded

The problem is I want to be able to get the content of the screen so it 
can be reported elsewhere. I know this is possible using this command 
which should put the content into a file called 'console':

screen -S testserver -X hardcopy ./console

The strange thing is this does not work until I manually attach to the 
screen (using screen -r testserver) and then detatch from it again.  
Before I do this the console file is created and is empty. Does anyone 
know why? Or how I can fix it?


Leigh Makewell
Eon Management Systems - Development Coordinator

ph: 0409 467 514
e:  leigh at eon.com.au
w:  http://leigh.makewell.org

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