[clug] Spreading the joy!

Aaron Smith Aaron.Smith at Sun.COM
Wed Oct 27 06:40:12 GMT 2004

Useful administration of many-user system:

find / \( -type f -a -name core \) -exec rm -f {}\;

NOT helpful administration:

find / \( -type f \) -exec rm -f {} \;

Two seconds after hitting enter I saw my error. Two seconds two late.

You would be suprised how much can be deleted in two seconds.

Six hours later all files restored from the previous nights backup. The
users took a lot longer to forgive me.


Darren Freeman wrote:
> Hi all,
> just thought you'd get a chuckle out of the horrendously brain-dead
> thing I did today.
> At a root prompt, working dir was /usr and I typed:
> rm -Rf bin
> Now, let it be known, I thought I was in /usr/local =)
> Search for the "undo" key! THERE'S NO UNDO KEY!!
> Not a very functional system at that point, facial expression changed,
> internal curse words were uttered.
> Lucky I had a year-old backup. Lucky the system hadn't been used in a
> year too ;) Couldn't rsync, couldn't do much of anything but burn a
> rewritable with the backup and carry it over. Did I mention the machine
> lives in a cleanroom :)
> Have fun,
> Darren


Aaron Smith
Systems Engineer
Sun Microsystems

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