[clug] IPSec Question: Connecting outling sites via single head office access point

Stephen Hodgman steve at namsys.com.au
Sat Oct 2 01:52:37 GMT 2004

Can anyone help me with an IPSec question?  I am new to this but have 
been using snapgear  units (basically an embedded linux firewall/VPN box 
with simple browser based config) to connect remote sites to the head 
office LAN with VPN access quite successfully. I am having a routing 
issue though where I cannot route from remot office A to remote office B

I have Head Office (H) with a single snapgear VPN IPSec access point on 
the internet.  I have remote office (A) with internet access and a 
snapgear IPSec access point.  I also have remote office (B) with 
internet access and a snapgear  IPSec access point.

I have established IPSec connections from A ==> H and B ==> H.  I can 
route traffic on these links.  i.e A==> H, H ==> A, B==>H, H==>B.  
However, I am unable to directly route from A ==> B. 

It seems that the IPSec access is not available from withing the IPSec 
access point (Snapgear).  the head office unit has network routes for A 
and B to the ipsec device.  I would have thought packets arriving from A 
would use this routing to go out the ipsec device.
Is this a limit of IPSec?  Interestingly, I notice that both these 
routes use ipsec0 as only one ipsec device has been created.

Do I have to establish separate VPN links form A ==> B to do what I want?
If anyone can enlighten me I would be most appreciative.

Steve Hodgman
Ph: +61 2 6285 3460
Fax: +61 2 6285 3459
Mobile:	+61 407 182 355
steve at namsys.com.au
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