[clug] Mutt poweruser question (custom headers)

Rob Weir rweir at ertius.org
Fri Oct 1 18:53:46 GMT 2004

On Thu, Sep 30, 2004 at 02:41:16PM +1000, Andrew Pollock said
> Hi,
> Are there any Mutt powerusers in the house?
> I want to selectively add read receipt requests to emails, but I don't want:
> a) all messages to have them
> b) to have to remember the header(s) to accomplish this, and have to edit
> the message with headers to insert them.
> Does anyone know how I can setup something so I can have this as an option,
> where I can hit some keys and the header(s) will get added to the message?

The "getting mutt to add them" bit is easier than the "only do it when I
hit this key" bit.  To add them:

my_hdr "Return-receipt: Blah I don't know what this looks like"

Now I think of it, muttprofile could do the key thing for you, I guess.


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