[clug] Perl programming in Japan for a year

Jepri jepri at webone.com.au
Wed May 26 02:55:13 GMT 2004

matt andrews wrote:
> Michael Still wrote:
>> Michael Still wrote:
>> Could I ask that no one else contact me about this please? After 
>> threats from one list member related to this, I will not be answering 
>> them. I will also refrain from future posts related to potential 
>> employment of any form.
>> Mikal
> what threats?  from who?

 From me, apparently.  Here's the email in question.  Michael has 
threatened to sue me if I post this.

--start quote

 >>> Michael,
 >>> do you have any further information regarding these people?  It 
would have been better had you just forwarded the link to the list.  The 
community could have commented on it then, and reported any experiences 
they've had.
 >> No, I don't know any more. Google might. It's nice that you think it 
would have been better, but I don't want to turn CLUG into a random job
 > Forwarding just the link would have taken less lines than your 
enticing 'mail me for details' mail.

But my email was much less spammy, as I have nothing to sell.

--end quote

My address for serving is 25 Glossop Cr, Campbell.  Make sure you file 
against "Jeremy Buchanan Price", because the other two Jeremy Prices in 
town probably aren't interested.

> not having seen the actual wording, these threats sound like list abuse, 
> more than any notice of job vacancies.
> if someone has a problem with job vacancies being posted, please come 
> out and debate it on the list.

I had a concern with job advertisements not being posted in full for the 
coummunity to review, especially when they refer to a website such as this:


I posted it for people to comment on here:


and comment they did.

Michael has claimed that these communications are private and that 
revealing them would be actionable, however the people he is dealing 
with have publically advertised the job here:


I also expressed my concern to Michael that his behaviour made it appear 
that he was endorsing this opportunity.  He made some personal attacks 
on my character that would most definately be actionable if repeated.

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