[clug] Perl programming in Japan for a year

matt andrews matt at xomerang.com
Wed May 26 02:16:16 GMT 2004

Michael Still wrote:

> Michael Still wrote:
>> I've had a body shop dude contact me looking for 30 perl programmers 
>> to go and live in Japan working for a year... They pay airfares, 
>> accomodation, and a salary.
>> Let me know if you want more and I'll forward the job advert to you.
> Could I ask that no one else contact me about this please? After threats 
> from one list member related to this, I will not be answering them. I 
> will also refrain from future posts related to potential employment of 
> any form.
> Mikal

what threats?  from who?

not having seen the actual wording, these threats sound like list 
abuse, more than any notice of job vacancies.

if someone has a problem with job vacancies being posted, please come 
out and debate it on the list.


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