[clug] ADSL Provider Questions

Michael Carden crash at michaelcarden.net
Mon Mar 8 09:07:13 GMT 2004

On Mon, 8 Mar 2004 06:43 pm, Michael Woods wrote:
> A plan with 512/128
> 16Gig+ is desirable with shaping for over quota usage and if there
> anyone that utilizes 'Pipe' like networking for data such as Linux
> Distro's and other media. 

Take a look at:


If 'Pipe' like networking means something other than stormwater drains 
(perhaps a free local mirror?) then Velocity have some local content that I 
have quite enjoyed on my TransAct account.

I'm not on ADSL, but with two days to go of my first month as a Velocity / 
TransAct (VDSL)  customer with 256k / 500meg / month, I'm a happy camper.

Miraculously, I seem to have guessed my likely monthly usage quite accurately 
and I signed up for just the right plan.

Now, who can suggest resources that will help me wreck my monthly limit? :-)

I've already enjoyed the dizzy euphoria of actually grabbing all of the RFCs 
in one go ( and read a few - sad obsessed geek that I am ). I've sucked down 
all of the excellent linux tutorials at ibmdeveloperworks and I'm after more 
high quality geekly text. Pointers?



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