[clug] ADSL Provider Questions

David Tulloh david.tulloh at infaze.com.au
Mon Mar 8 08:19:17 GMT 2004

Personally I use Dart (dart.net.au) and have been very happy with them.
Their technical boffins claim to be linux fluent however I haven't had
any need for support from them (yet).

They are part of the NSW Pipe network with free data from any PIPE user
which seems to include most of the NSW ISPs.  Dart also provides free
data transfer between Dart users country wide but do not seem to provide
a mirroring service.

Plans are in 10G steps with shaping for over quota.


Michael Woods wrote:
> Hello everyone. I've been snooping this list for quite some time now
> listening and thinking about making an appearance to the next LUG
> meeting.. Anyway, I wanted to ask everyone out there with ADSL, why and
> who there provider is. So if there's any advice or preference toward a
> certain provider please don't hesitate to inform me. A plan with 512/128
> 16Gig+ is desirable with shaping for over quota usage and if there
> anyone that utilizes 'Pipe' like networking for data such as Linux
> Distro's and other media. As I live in the Gungahlin area and they
> decided to finally add some MUX's to the Crace exchange I'm certainly
> getting ADSL. The question is who. 
> There is much to learn with hardware/packages/providers and what better
> source than the educated minds of Linux users to ask.
> Thanks.

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