[clug] Fedora Core and Debian

Nathan Robertson nathanr at nathanr.net
Mon Mar 1 01:30:21 GMT 2004

Edgecombe, Scott wrote:

>Can anyone tell me what constitutes a stable release of Fedora? 
>(The FAQ's don't give a clear def.)
You can think of Fedora core as a release of RedHat for which you can't 
pay for support (RHN, etc) from the company. Apart from that, it's what 
would have been 9.1 / 10 or whatever.

>Is Core 1 regarded as stable?
I've had it running with no problems.

>Is 'Core 2 - Testing' an equivalent to Debian 'testing' or is it more
>like 'unstable'.
It's a beta release of what Core 2 will be

>How much was lost from the OS when RH dropped it?
The support aspect, and the up2date RHN servers were replaced with "yum" 
or something. I tend to use apt-get from http://apt-rpm.tuxfamily.org 
and "rpm -e" up2date anyway.

>Has anyone tried the unofficial 'Sarge' ISO's?
>(e.g. http://sunsite.cnlab-switch.ch/ftp/mirror/debian-unofficial/sarge/
>or http://ftp.acc.umu.se/pub/cd-images/debian-unofficial/sarge/)
No - usually I install woody, then change /etc/apt/sources.list to point 
at sarge and do an "apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade"

>Does any one have a ballpark date for the release of 'Sarge' into
>(I know, it's ready when it's ready, don't answer that.)
This is a contentious point. During the Debian miniconf at 
linux.conf.au, Anthony Towns (Debian release guy) gave me the impression 
that it wasn't any time soon, due to holdups in making the installer 
work on all 100 platforms that have a total of 5 users each, and that 
they couldn't release sarge until that installer did such.

However, I read from some media outlet on the web 
(http://www.internetnews.com/ent-news/article.php/10794_3313211_2 - read 
it on the web, therefore it's true, right?) that it'll be sometime in 
the next six months.

"But Debian's Michlmayr also noted that governments and schools are 
sweet spots for the project's momentum in 2004. Its next release, code 
named Sarge, is expected by summer and will include the 2.6 kernel, an 
improved installer, Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux) enhancements and 
numerous other improvements, according to administrators working on the 

Given sarge isn't "frozen", I wouldn't expect an imminent release.


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