[clug] BigPond ADSL + IPCop

Sam Couter sam at couter.dropbear.id.au
Fri Jun 25 11:47:51 GMT 2004

Ian Matters <ian at iristech.com.au> wrote:
> I want to set up an IPCop v1.3 box for a friend of mine who uses BigPond 
> ADSL.  She has an ethernet-connected Alcatel SpeedTouch Home DSL modem.  
> I think that the modem has an address of and does not run 
> DHCP by default.

Can't help with IPCop specific advice, but what I have to say may help a
little anyway.

The SpeedTouch Home doesn't have an IP address. It's just a dumb modem.
The IPCop box needs to run pppoe to connect to BigPond. You don't need
to worry about DHCP, pppoe and pppd will work that out for you.

The ethernet interface that's connected to the modem shouldn't have an
IP address, so you won't need to worry about filtering packets on that.
When you have ppp set up and running, the filtering rules you want will
be applied to the ppp interface. ppp0 should be your red network, if I'm
correctly guessing what "red" and "green" mean.

Once you've got that much set up, configuring IPCop for the services you
need should be relatively straightforward.
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