[clug] BigPond ADSL + IPCop

Ian Matters ian at iristech.com.au
Fri Jun 25 03:56:46 GMT 2004

Hi Cluggers.

I want to set up an IPCop v1.3 box for a friend of mine who uses BigPond 
ADSL.  She has an ethernet-connected Alcatel SpeedTouch Home DSL modem.  
I think that the modem has an address of and does not run 
DHCP by default.

What are the IPCop settings that I need for the "red" interface?  I've 
already had one try at this but had little success in the time available 
to me.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Ian
Mr Ian R. Matters
Iris Technologies, Canberra, Australia

Phone  : 02 6258 3079 (+61 2 6258 3079)
Mobile : 0414 583 079 (+61 414 583 079)
Email  : ian at iristech.com.au
Web    : http://www.iristech.com.au

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