[clug] BigPond ADSL + IPCop

John newsx1 at bestpond.com
Sat Jun 26 04:01:19 GMT 2004

Hi Ian,
> I want to set up an IPCop v1.3 box for a friend of mine who uses
> BigPond ADSL.  She has an ethernet-connected Alcatel SpeedTouch Home
> DSL modem.  I think that the modem has an address of and
> does not run DHCP by default.
I have now said good riddance to Bigpond, however I used the Alcatel modem with IPCop 1.3 
initially with Bigpond, and then with Internode until that modem was melted by lightning. I now 
use a D-link.

Anyway, my setup was two network cards in the old Ip-Cop box, the one on the Green 
network ( eth0 -the home network) was given an IP of in line with the internal 
IP range using 192.168.0.x  as far as the Red Card (eth1 - the internet side) I set that to use 
DHCP and connected the modem to it. This worked OK.

In setting up internal PC's I simply used the Green card IP as the Gateway.

> What are the IPCop settings that I need for the "red" interface?  I've
> already had one try at this but had little success in the time
> available to me.

These links may help:

this refers to smothwall & cable but you will get some info.:
and on DSL:
Hope this helps,


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