[clug] Linux on the 12" PowerBook

Mark Harrison m.harrison at anu.edu.au
Thu Jun 24 05:43:36 GMT 2004

This page helped me get debian set up in an 12" iBook. I cant imagine
powerbooks are too different for the basic installation.

www.yellowdoglinux.com is also worth looking at. They claim that VGA out
and Airport Extreme does not work, but I am sure I have read of
workarounds for VGA on the powerbook (but not the ibook).

Suspend works just fine and if you fiddle the power management settings
you can get pretty good battery life.

Pay _very_ close attention to the keyboard_sends_linux_keycodes boot
option. If you get it wrong, then your keyboard is totally messed up and
you essentially just have to turn the power off (which is painful with
ext2). That was on an iBook anyway, I think it is the same for the

Good luck,

On Thu, 2004-06-24 at 13:33, Andreas Bauer wrote:
> Dear Clugers,
> I'm currently in the US and found Apple's laptops to be substantial
> cheaper than they are in Germany (or Australia).  In particular, I
> fell for the 12" aluminium PowerBook, but heard it's a pain to install
> Linux on it.
> In particular, I want to be sure that external VGA works before I make
> a purchase, suspend would be nice, too.  I know, Airport support isn't
> likely to happen anytime soon...  Is there a WLAN replacement for the
> Aiport which is supported under Linux?
> So can someone who's got this setup running share his or her
> experiences with me?
> Thanks in advance,
> Andi.

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