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Tony and Robyn Lewis beakysnugger at
Wed Jun 23 04:31:54 GMT 2004

On Wed, 2004-06-23 at 11:46, Duncan Bolt wrote:
> Well has anyone got it to work ?

Not with the multicast routing, and I'd like to.  It's working fine on
the firewall itself.

My 2c:

Had a poke, and was depressed at the state of the documentation.  HOWTOs
from 1999 say "to be continued" right when they get to the meaty parts

It seems there are two daemons for the job - the non-free mrouted, and
pimd.  I installed pimd (debian testing), and the conf file says it
should "work" for all interfaces out of the box.  Sniffing all
interfaces shows there are PIMv2 Hello packets being sent out.

Didn't seem to help, though.  Nothing wanted to respond to the packets
(if indeed it was meant to)

So I gave mrouted a whirl.  Conf file looks very similar, but it
detected and masked out ppp0 as an unsuitable i/f.  It was sending out
DVMRP V3 probes (distance vector multicast routing protocol??), which
were as ignored as the PIM ones were.

Maybe TransACT doesn't handle either of those protocols.  Maybe I need
to be running them on the client inside my network (just tried that out
of the box, no diff).

Maybe some hand-crafted iptables rules using NAT to make it seem like
the client is directly talking to the Marconi router.  But that seems
the wrong kind of hacky to me.

> End of Financial Year XBoxes are back to $220

Where from?

Maybe the solution is to have a cheapo ethernet switch hanging off the
Marconi, and have the XBox/PVR off that, rather than inside your

Tony Lewis

Tony Lewis

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